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About Us


The American Candle was created as a way Patriots can conveniently support the policies of Donald J. Trump from the convenience of their own homes.

After bearing witness to the highly questionable activity in the 2020 Presidential Election, we felt compelled to launch into action. We are passionate Patriots who believe we NEED to protect the liberties and freedoms given to all Americans from the United States Constitution. Important questions about the 2020 Presidential Elections remained unanswered as the election was certified. In certifying the election, the system failed Donald J. Trump along with everyone who voted for him.

Thus 'the American Candle' was founded. We look forward to generating consistent donations that will exclusively go to the political campaign managed by the 45th President, Donald J. Trump. We are aligned with his policies and promises to drain the political swamp we call the District of Columbia.

We will not sit by and watch our country deteriorate with the lack of leadership that is currently present in our government.

Join the cause today and buy the American Candle!